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The Perfect Speaker
June 25, 2017 mew code gamestop Blog
I have had this bluetooth speaker a few weeks and it is amazing. First off it is loud. It can fill up large rooms and the sound quality is high. It has a lot of bass to it. The highs are good as well, Read More
So This review is posted after my second purchase of these earmuffs. The first time I got them they were perfect for about 4 months when the 3.5mm jack port came apart and fell of, never to be seen a Read More
Good Products
I was never really a car buff and have always thought that one soap is the same as another. I just purchased a slightly used VW GTI that I am in love with, and it’s in perfect condition. I am d Read More
Would not recommend.
June 24, 2017 mew code gamestop Blog
Very disappointed in this product after testing it. The battery lasts ~3 days at most for me, and the updates on your pets whereabouts do not come in a timely manner. Ive gotten the error that it is Read More
Nulaxy Nirvana!
Excellent Bluetooth streaming device! #solidperformance . Was seeking a device that was stronger with reception and transmittal capabilities than the Jabra Freeway HFS100. This Nulaxy device delivers Read More
Oh boy..
This light was risky to buy after reading some of the reviews about bad shipping and pre-damaged parts. When I received the box it looked okay on the outside. After I opened up the outer box the insid Read More